Community Members

Benefit Square community is formed by Beneficiaries, Benefactors or Customers or Buyers, Moderators (Volunteers), Principal Moderators (Volunteers), Affiliates and Facilitator.


Beneficiary is either a special needs individual or an institute that works for People with Special Needs. Beneficiary can use the ecommerce store (that is dedicated to People with Special Needs) to display and sell their products.

People with Special Needs who live a challenging life against all odds are:

Benefactor / Customer / Buyer:

Without your overwhelming involvement Beneficiaries won’t get benefitted. Beneficiaries need your wholehearted support. Make lot of purchases and feel the satisfaction of benefitting those who need to get benefitted the most.

Moderator (Volunteer):

Moderator would refer Beneficiaries. Moderators can also refer remote Beneficiaries eg. Moderator located in Mumbai can refer Beneficiary located anywhere in the country. When Beneficiary registers on the site he is asked to choose the registered Moderator who has referred him to the site. Once Beneficiary selects the Moderator, Beneficiary and Moderator are permanently mapped. For every Beneficiary’s product that gets successfully and completely sold, mapped Moderator gets referral commission.

Principal Moderator (Volunteer):

Principal Moderator is appointed by All India Club and is not the choice of the member. His role is to manage the Beneficiaries in his local area. These Beneficiaries would be mapped to him by All India Club. He will be responsible for assisting Beneficiaries for everything. This will include preparing product catalog, preparing product data spreadsheet, handling Beneficiary problems, ensuring timely shipping by Beneficiaries, uploading shipping receipts within 24 hours etc.. He will be the coordinator between promoter All India Club and Beneficiary. For every Beneficiary’s product that gets successfully and completely sold, mapped Principal Moderator gets referral commission.

Alternatively, he can also choose to be the seller of Beneficiary’s products in which case he will raise Invoice to the buyer.


Affiliate will refer Customers / Buyers to the website. On registration each Affiliate is provided with Affiliate link (unique URL) that he can promote online. Affiliate link can be accessed in the My Account section. Affiliate may promote this Affiliate Link through Email, Social Media, Blogs, Website, Google Adwords etc. Any Customer / Buyer who visits the website through this Affiliate link and buys a product is mapped to that Affiliate and Affiliate is paid the commission on successful and completed order. Affiliate is also paid commission for future purchases done by the mapped Buyer. However in future if the Buyer lands on the site from some other member's Affiliate link then the Buyer is mapped to this new Affiliate and commission gets paid to this new Affiliate for that order and also future orders and so on.


All India Club, a web technology organization plays the role of operating and managing website It will play the role of facilitator for display of products on the site and also for the buying and selling process between the Buyer and the Beneficiary or Principal Moderator (Volunteer) using third party Payment Gateway. For successful and completed orders Facilitator will make payment to the Beneficiary, Moderator (Volunteer), Principal Moderator (Volunteer) and Affiliate.