About Us

Benefit Square is a humble social initiative by "All India Club", a technology driven Social Enterprise, to support People with Special Needs to live a dignified, respectful and self sustaining life. We invite everyone to join Benefit Square Community and support the cause.

Whom do we consider as People with Special Needs?

People with special needs who live a challenging life against all odds are

  1. Mentally and/or Physically challenged
  2. Underprivileged
  3. Senior Citizens who need to still work for their livelihood

Objectives of Benefit Square Social Initiative

  1. Create awareness about skills and talent of differently abled and underprivileged.
  2. Promote inclusion
  3. Generate work for people with special needs by selling products made by them.

To facilitate this social initiative, All India Club has built this exclusive e-commerce web platform www.benefitsquare.com to sell products made by

  1. Adult with special need
  2. Family members of child with special needs who are below 18 years of age
  3. NGO's who conduct pre vocational programs or run vocational workshops for such people.

Opportunities afforded to People with Special Needs to earn decent are very limited. Thus, we work in our small way to give these People with Special Needs an opportunity to earn their livelihood and assist them to meaningfully participate in the society with pride. Our ultimate responsibility is towards these People with Special Needs and their families.

Logo Explained:

Benefit Square is a square where everyone involved is benefitted.

The four sides of Benefit Square represent

  1. Beneficiary: Person with Special Needs
    Benefits by getting work and appreciation for skills and talent, which helps to live an independent life
  2. Benefactor: Person who supports this social cause by buying products
    Benefits by feeling good for supporting a social cause, with the feeling of satisfaction of being able to contribute to the livelihood of people with special needslife
  3. Volunteer (Moderator and/or Affiliate): Person who intends to join us and work for this social initiative
    Benefits by feeling good for participating in a social initiative, with the feeling of satisfaction of being able to work for people with special needs
  4. Facilitator: All India Club
    Benefits by feeling good for facilitating this social initiative, with the feeling of satisfaction of being able to bring about social change

Get Involved

Our objective can be achieved only with active support and involvement from organizations and individuals.

One can get involved in following ways:

  1. Gift products made by disabled and underprivileged to your relatives, friends, employees, customers, vendors or any needy person, on their birthdays and festivals. With each gift, if required we also send customized letter with a message about your Act of Kindness.
  2. Connect us with anyone you know who has authority to allow us to hold a small exhibition of products in their office premises or residential complex.
  3. Be a sponsor for this social cause and we shall place your advertisement on our website.
  4. Join us as Volunteer for this social cause. Work within your spare time. No travelling involved. Work at your residential building/complex or office or educational institute.

Sign Up to participate as Volunteer (Moderator and/or Affiliate) for this social initiative.

In case you need more information Contact Us and we shall get in touch with you.

And lastly, we promise to operate in a manner deserving of the trust of our Beneficiaries, Benefactors and Volunteers (Moderators and Affiliates). We shall keep on learning from all of them to further improve our operations.

We look forward to your overwhelming involvement!!